Curatorial projects: Samt

“A biannual digital-exhibition space for contemporary research, that offers anonymity to its contributors with the use of pseudonyms as to protect and encourage those located in controlled regions.”

2016, The Rationaliser, Video Instalation
Video Projection and Photos & drawing documentation, 11m Part of Shiekh Zayed Al Nahyan Collection

In an equation of associative presence, the sentient rationalises through a simple ritual of structural random, defining a place of refuge with cartographic games and child like politics.

He, at the centre of the seeing frame, stands blind folded and bare in identity, sacks of Palestinian ruble at his feet and a vertical stick planted by his side. With his back to the horizon he carries a sack with one arm and grabs the stick with another, as if anchor, he spins around it visionless, until erratically he lets go.

Disoriented, the man walks in the direction of release, treading carefully until almost out of the observers frame, he then stops and places the sack down, runs back to the stick and repeats.

Once all sacks are placed, the man links between them with an imaginary border eagerly encompasses his Utopic garden of which within he shall safely manifest citizenship and assume belonging.