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“A biannual digital-exhibition space for contemporary research, that offers anonymity to its contributors with the use of pseudonyms as to protect and encourage those located in controlled regions.”

2015, The Grasshopper,
Performance, 25 minCommissioned for FIAC

The act:

A stool, a chair and a dimly lit theater in front of an audience. On the stool there is a tea pot next to a cup, a set made for one.
The audience watches.

Man (I), Walks in silently and with ease pulls the chair, sits, pours some tea into the cup and sips.

A sip every few seconds while looking away from the audience into mere space. Time passes, through silence He drank the tea.

The tea ritual is over.

Places the cup back on the table, walks away as walked in. Spotlight directs on the cup, inviting those who survived the act to come closer for a more intimate look.

The Audience approaches, looks into the cup. Mourning starts.
The grasshopper. It was in the cup, its been there all along, a silent performer right to its death.

The Man had slowly sipped every few seconds, trying to subtly but disparately avoid sipping in the drowning bug.