Curatorial projects: Samt

“A biannual digital-exhibition space for contemporary research, that offers anonymity to its contributors with the use of pseudonyms as to protect and encourage those located in controlled regions.”

2015, The Flood System
Video installation, 25 min Commissioned for Abudhabi Art

Flattening language into a mathematical routine and structured repetition, a formula which strips the conscious being of control rendering the artist none but a means through which the system propagates, rewarding words their own definitions by following their contained phonemes.

The flood system follows a predetermined set of rules and stages, causing a cyclical reshuffling of words and their meanings through breaking a word into it’s base units of sound, attempting to visualize the gestalt of language.

2016, The Flood Syste, Exercise (1)
Performance, 35 min,A rt16 London

Taking a snippet from Yitzhak Rabin's Oslo Accords speech and running it through the equation of the flood system. Starting with the word "Time" 35 minutes later the extracted meaning was ‘Alarmist’. I stopped there and felt no need to continue.