Walid Al Wawi is a Jordanian Palestinian-native, concerned with the hybridisation of the modern Middle Eastern identity and the implication of the geo-political claustrophobia upon cultural naturalisation.

Walid's practice manifested in forms of painting, performance, video and installation, he received critical acclaim for his purest approach to objects and physical documentation that dialogue with one’s political and cultural identity.

His works include but not limited to: EOUP, The Chair Of Saladin, [Inaudible Dialogue], The RationaliserThe Grasshopper, Eternity of Silence, M.E Leaders in White Socks, M.E Passport, The Flood System, Hiding

2017, Middle Eastern Passport
Manipulated passport and sealing wax

Binding thread removed from the passport's spine then used to saw it shut, sealing wax is used to conceal the passport's identity.


In 2011, Walid was awarded The Sheikha Manal Young Artist Award. Since then he had collaborated on group exhibitions, went through residential experiences and contributed to international and local art festivals including:

2018, YAYA, Palestin / 2017, MMCA, Seoul / 2016, XX Bienal, Santa Cruz / 2016, Art16 London / 2015, FIAC Paris / 2014, Incubarte, Spain / 2014, Abudhabi Art, UAE / 2012, Art Dubai, UAE

Walid’s work has been added to many collection through out his practice including the recent acquisition by the collection of his Highness Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan.

In 2017 he obtained his masters in the Fine Arts at Central Saint Martins College of Art, London, and co-founded Samt, one of the first virtual gallery spaces to strictly deal with the political Middle East through Anonymous Contributions.

walid@walidalwawi.com, Instagram